Recent research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that hypnotherapy was an effective treatment for people suffering with depression.  Hypnotherapy works at the subconscious level to offer positive suggestions to boost moods and break negative thinking patterns, making people feel better. Read more

Needle phobia is thought to affect at least 10% of the population and is when people have a fear of a medical procedure that involves needles or injections.  For many this is related to a fear of seeing blood, or simply thinking about the injection.  Which may make them feel faint.  Often needle phobia has its origins in bad memories of injections as a child.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome needle phobia by putting you in a relaxed state of mind and making positive suggestions to your subconscious mind.  These positive suggestions can help you disassociate yourself from the phobia or fear.  This can take the emotion of the needle away from you and leave you feeling much more in control and calmer about going for an injection or blood test.

As the vaccine continues to be rolled out, it is important that you get it (unless there is a reason you can’t).  If you have a fear of needles, it is worth getting a hypnotherapy session to help you feel calmer and more in control of the situation.  Contact me now to find out more about hypnotherapy and how it can help you get over any fears of needles you may have.

Chronic pain is when pain last more than 12 weeks and after an injury would have healed. It often serves no purpose and is linked to conditions such as diabetes and arthritis. It is estimated to affect at least eight million people in the UK.  This can have a very detrimental impact on quality of life, leading to sleeping problems, reduced energy, relationship and work problems. Read more