I had an article in a previous edition of Access Magazine.

Stephen McMurray talks to Lauren Ruotolo – a successful media executive and author of a new book that’s part memoir and part motivational guide…

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I wrote a book review for Pain Matters magazine, published by Pain Concern:

Sleeping with Pain
Strategies for a restful night from pain-management expert
By Dr Sue Peacock. Ann Jaloba Publishing, 136pp, £7.99
ISBN 9780995459922
Published 2016

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Chronic pain is when pain last more than 12 weeks and after an injury would have healed. It often serves no purpose and is linked to conditions such as diabetes and arthritis. It is estimated to affect at least eight million people in the UK.  This can have a very detrimental impact on quality of life, leading to sleeping problems, reduced energy, relationship and work problems. Read more