People often associate lung cancer with smoking, however smoking affects other areas of our bodies as well.

Smoking impacts on our brains and has been found to accelerate the aging of the brain, this increases the risks of dementia and cognitive decline.  Likewise, tobacco smoke contains a large number of toxic chemicals, which can result in significant eye damage.  Smoking also affects the mouth; wearing away the gums and staining the teeth, it is also responsible for many cases of oral cancer.

Smoking also affects our bones, increasing the risk of developing osteoporosis and having fractures.  Our cardiovascular system is also affected by smoking; increasing our blood pressure, damaging blood vessels and increases our risks of strokes, heart disease and heart attacks.  As most people are aware, smoking causes a range of respiratory diseases, including lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Our skin is also affected by smoking, including; increased skin ageing, slows down wound healing, and increased risk of infection.  Smoking can also affect our reproductive system; in men it can lower sperm count and erectile dysfunction.  In women, it can lead to ectopic pregnancy and reduced fertility.

The good news is that by stopping smoking, we can quickly see health benefits.  In only eight hours, our oxygen levels will return to normal.  In 48 hours, all nicotine will have left our bodies.  In two weeks, circulation will improve and within three to nine months our lung capacity increases by 10% and breathing improves.  Within a year, our risks of having a heart attack are halved.

Hypnotherapy is available in Edinburgh and is a safe and effective method of stopping smoking.  My stop smoking programme consists of a one session stop stopping hypnotherapy appointment, a professionally recorded CD to listen at home, a workbook to take home with, and a free follow up session within a fortnight.

So why wait, enjoy the health benefits of quitting smoking, for more information and to book an appointment please visit – Stop smoking with Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy session quit smoking Edinburgh | Stephen McMurray